Marvin Washington

Associate Professor

Alberta School of Business

Strategic Management and Organization

About Me


Adjunct Professor, Physical Education & Recreation


Research Interests

My current research interests are at the intersection of strategic management and organization theory. I have two foci to my research. The first is conflict at the organizational or institutional level of analyses. The second focus of my research seeks to understand how status and reputation processes impact organizational success. I have had papers published in the Academy of Management, Organization Science, Organization Studies, Journal of Sport Management, and Sport Management Review.

In addition, I have published a book on leadership and teams: Pack Leadership, lessons from the Wild Dogs of Africa, and have just finished a book on Organizational Transformation: Five Ingredients Needed for Successful Organizational Transformation.

I am currently the co-editor in chief of the Journal of Management Inquiry and the associate editor of the Journal of Sport Management. I tend to use a lot of non-traditional empirical settings for my research having conducted research on the online gambling industry, college sport, football coaches, chiropractic medicine, Italian lawyers, and pastors of Mega-churches.


Teaching Interests

I teach classes in strategic management, organizational and institutional change to undergraduates, MBA and PhD students. I also teach classes in sport management, sport marketing and understand amateur and collegiate sport delivery systems. I have taught executive education courses in organizational change and in leadership. In addition to teaching classes, I currently do a by-weekly small business column on CBC Radio Active with Peter Brown.