School of Retailing



The School of Retailing was established to provide global leadership in retail research and education. We are dedicated to preparing and inspiring university students for successful careers in retailing and consumer marketing. 

Each year we have an exciting calendar of events to engage our students, our partners and the industry. We look forward to speaking with you and telling you more about us.


The School of Retailing was established in 2006 to provide global leadership in retail research and education. The School is dedicated to preparing and inspiring students for successful careers in retailing and consumer marketing.

The need for a research-intensive School of Retailing is pressing. Retailing is the engine that drives the global economy, yet it continues to receive little attention from leading business schools.

Building on the strength of the programs offered by the Alberta School of Business, we have developed a curriculum that balances a strong foundation in the fundamentals of commerce with retail-specific training and an integrated program of real-word experience through a variety of industry partnerships.

To be Canada's foremost school of retailing and services expertise through excellence in leadership training and management studies. 

To prepare students for successful career paths in retailing.
To provide a talented workforce to the retail sector.
To develop and deliver programs for the retail community.
To advance Canadian-relevant retail studies.
To promote excellence in retailing.


Interested in finding out a little more about the School of Retailing along with our programs and initiatives?

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