Canadian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility

Canadian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility

Our World. Our Responsibility.

Social impact, environmental sensitivity and the economics of community building are three pillars that form the framework for the new Canadian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (CCCSR). This research-intensive centre uses creativity and innovation to push the boundaries of business in a way that encourages business leaders to consider their diverse stakeholders and improve the quality of life experienced by the communities they live and operate in. 


 New Corporate Social Responsibility Program

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Guillaume Tardif

Creative Courses: The Culture of Music and Business

When Guillaume Tardif, ’10 EMBA, was completing his masters degree, the term business culture was often mentioned. An internationally renowned violinist and Associate Professor of Music, Guillaume could not help but link music culture and business culture. How does art create structures that motivate business? What business skills do artists require, and how does the business world foster creativity?

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Student Profile:  Caitlin Goyeau and Basically Babies

When Caitlin Goyeau is not attending MBA classes at the Alberta School of Business, she’s managing Basically Babies – a registered charity which has helped thousands of mothers in need to obtain the basic necessities to clothe their newborn children.  Read Full Story

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IGNITE CHANGE NOW! Global Youth Assembly 2011 – This past August hundreds of youth from across the world flooded the University of Alberta campus in a united effort to spark conversation and gain new perspectives on issues related to global water usage and human rights at the John Humphrey Centre’s Global Youth Assembly 2011. We were excited to be there!